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  Human Resources ​Network, LLC

Private Banking Officers

A northern Kentucky bank was expanding their Private Banking Division.

  • 84 Private Banking Officers were identified and approached in the Cincinnati and northern Kentucky markets. 
  • Seven candidates were interviewed and presented. 
  • Two Banking Officers were hired within 30 days.    

Compensation Manager   

A suburban Detroit-area health care system sought a Compensation Manager to lead their newly created compensation department.  

  • 74 candidates were identified in the metro-Detroit and Toledo markets.  
  • Four candidates were presented.
  • One was hired from a local competitor.

Corporate Banking Product Manager   

An Ohio-based bank needed a Product Manager with expertise in cash management and investments for their Corporate Banking Web-based Solutions group.

  • 44 candidates were identified in Ohio and three bordering states.   
  • Three candidates were presented. 
  • A hire was made from a local competitor.    

C-Level Executive Career Transition

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with a C-level professional in our career transition program. With our assistance, the client developed a clear vision of what he wanted in his next career opportunity. With the clarity of his ideal position, we prepared a dynamic resume and developed and executed a focused personal marketing plan.

We coached our client to enhance his interviewing comfort and ability to answer tough interview questions.  In addition, we provided ongoing support during the program to help him maintain a positive approach to the job search process.   Within four-months he interviewed for multiple C-level positions, then received and accepted an offer of his choice.  We also assisted him as he successfully negotiated his new employment contract that met his needs.

 Success Stories