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The ability to attract and employ talented people is essential to your company’s success. As an HR professional, you’re already aware of the barriers to effective recruiting: limited staff, limited funds and limited ability to access the “passive candidate.”  The passive candidate is not actively searching for a new job opportunity but is doing the job you need done – for your competitor.

Traditional recruitment options focus on active job seekers … those needing or seeking to make a change for a variety of reasons. Your options include posting your positions on various Internet job boards and other recruitment sources that tend to attract the active job seeker, who may or may not possess the skills and experience you desire.  

HRN’s approach is a proactive, targeted and cost-effective means of accessing the passive candidate.  Our recruitment method allows us to professionally and openly reach out to source and develop those individuals you really want to know about, to secure the talent you want and need, while gaining control of recruitment costs.  We utilize a fixed-rate fee structure to identify and develop qualified, interested candidates for your organization.  You will know exactly what your search will cost before the search engagement commences. 

HRN Staffing Solutions is committed to completing each assignment in a thorough and professional manner, meeting both time and budget constraints.  We look forward to helping you fill your next position.      ​

The person your company needs is out there - not actively seeking a job but open to your opportunity.

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