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Your resume is a great personal marketing tool. However, your resume has only ten seconds to catch an employer’s attention.  That’s right!   In ten seconds an employer scans your resume and decides whether he or she will invest more time in considering you as a job candidate.

The secret to passing the ten-second test is to make your resume professional, polished and inviting to read.  A well-written and visually appealing resume effectively summarizes your skills, experience and qualifications to a potential employer. 

Having a well-written, visually appealing resume says, “I am organized, goal oriented and very professional.”

What makes a resume look unprofessional?  Mixed formatting, misspelled words, typos, poor grammar – it all says the same thing: unprofessional.

Clicking on the "Marketing Yourself" button below will take you to a presentation Dennis Kimble delivered at a Northwood University Workshop.  The focus of the workshop was on developing an effective and professional resume.

 Marketing Yourself