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Organizations continue to downsize and re-engineer themselves to grow and succeed in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive global environment.  One of the biggest strategic human resource challenges you face is staffing your organization with the right employees:  talented people who can help your company build a competitive advantage.      

Unfortunately, building your team may include transitioning employees out of your organization. HRN can help you do this effectively by providing your departing employees a comprehensive Career Transition Counseling program that quickly and effectively helps them transition out of their former employment with your company.

In other instances, your staffing efforts may require transferring employees or making an employment offer to an ideal candidate who lives outside your immediate geographic area.  In today’s culture of two-career families, however, employees don’t automatically say “yes” to a transfer or job offer that requires them to relocate. Regardless of the money or opportunity, they may feel relocating is too hard on the “trailing” spouse. Offering Career Transition Counseling to the spouse of the relocating employee gives you more than an extra edge in hiring:  it also makes that new hire or transferee more effective.  

For a modest cost to your organization, HRN provides this comprehensive program to successfully transition both downsized employees and “trailing spouses” into new positions.

HRN offers comprehensive Career Transition programs for executives, managers, professionals and non-management employees.  Programs are customized to meet the needs of each tier and focused on quickly and effectively transitioning people to new career opportunities.  

Our program is organized in a logical manner with initial exercises that build on each other to form a focused and solid job search foundation.  We work with each individual to build a personal marketing plan, including networking tools and a professional resume that passes the 10-second test.   We prepare individuals for all types of interviews and provide ongoing support throughout their programs.   

​Our services can be delivered remotely or in-person, individually or in small groups.  HRN’s approach is centered on treating each affected employee with the utmost respect and compassion while creating a professional and supportive atmosphere to help them successfully transition to a new opportunity.

 Career Transition